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I’m going to see Alex in less than 24 hours. I’m FINE.

I swear this blog is coming back next week. 


I’m quite proud of the “Ralph Fiennes is a misogynistic asshole” comment I slipped into the discussion during my James Bond class today


I hate him


Anonymous asked: I am genuinely becoming worried that I'll never be happy in life with any other girl because I know whoever I end up with won't be Alex. I've only been in a serious relationship once before, but I'm scared because I know what being in love feels like and I know I feel that way about Alex. Gorgeous, famous, perfect, straight, 32-years-my-senior Alex. :'(


Anonymous asked: I've always been a fan of hers, but now, as i am turning 18, and scared to leave home, to be out in the world, even though its what ive always wanted. Now, as i prepare for college, I think of Alex. I think that no matter how worried, sad, scared, or alone i feel, i know that she loves her fans, and i always keep a picture of her with me to comfort me and calm my fears. If only i could thank her in person!


thankyoualexkingston asked: I write letters to Alex whenever im sad or scared or angry, and just tell her things, ive never sent them, but id like to if i can get the courage! shes such an inspiration to me, and shes my hero


Anonymous asked: I feel like I'm cheating on my girlfriend with Alex.


Anonymous asked: I love Alex because she's so real. She doesn't act in interviews, she's just herself. She's like a mother figure to me and she makes me smile more than anybody else.


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