1. I’m quite proud of the “Ralph Fiennes is a misogynistic asshole” comment I slipped into the discussion during my James Bond class today


  2. Anonymous asked: I am genuinely becoming worried that I'll never be happy in life with any other girl because I know whoever I end up with won't be Alex. I've only been in a serious relationship once before, but I'm scared because I know what being in love feels like and I know I feel that way about Alex. Gorgeous, famous, perfect, straight, 32-years-my-senior Alex. :'(



  3. Anonymous asked: I've always been a fan of hers, but now, as i am turning 18, and scared to leave home, to be out in the world, even though its what ive always wanted. Now, as i prepare for college, I think of Alex. I think that no matter how worried, sad, scared, or alone i feel, i know that she loves her fans, and i always keep a picture of her with me to comfort me and calm my fears. If only i could thank her in person!



  4. thankyoualexkingston asked: I write letters to Alex whenever im sad or scared or angry, and just tell her things, ive never sent them, but id like to if i can get the courage! shes such an inspiration to me, and shes my hero



  5. Anonymous asked: I feel like I'm cheating on my girlfriend with Alex.



  6. Anonymous asked: I love Alex because she's so real. She doesn't act in interviews, she's just herself. She's like a mother figure to me and she makes me smile more than anybody else.



  7. Hello, Sweeties!

    We are back, complete with new theme, submission guidelines and new formatting for the secrets.

    As always, the ask box is open.


  8. surreal-midnight asked: Alex Kingston is the same age as my mother, but I'd do Alex Kingston any day. Is this wrong?

    I suppose it’s better than doing your mother all day.

    As long as you’re of the age of consent, and Alex wants in, then go for it. I mean, look  at this:

    Who can blame you?

    xo, mod.

  9. 187. She literally saved my life.


  10. "It’s been a great run, guys, but I think this blog has run its course for now :)"

    Sorry, does that mean you’re closing it? Oh my god, please, pretty, pretty please, do not close/delete this! It’s way too awesome and I have only just discovered it! Just don’t ‘kay?

    (Or are you just going on hiatus and I’m panicking for nothing?)

    Hello Sweetie,

    Just a hiatus at the moment, submissions were getting a little thin and repetitive. The blog’s still up and I think the askbox is still open (will check). Wait for an announcement in the coming week … ;-)